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Convinced the FDA that an implantable device was not subject to regulation.

Developed Continuous Production Technology for Pharmaceuticals.

Turned Around Failing Businesses.

Raised start-up and expansion capital of up to $50 million for several technically advanced companies.


Our regulatory team convinced the US FDA that an implantable device was not subject to medical device regulation.  This project entailed extensive work and negotiation with the FDA as well as significant support for a client who was new to FDA oversight.

Our principles managed the development of new, continuous, automated, in-line production technology for pharmaceuticals. This new technology replaces batch production of a number of products, cutting direct costs by up to 35% and indirect costs by 50% or more.

In one case we reorganized product development, introducing modular product design and manufacturing, cut manufacturing cost by 40% and redirected a company’s sales effort to reverse a sales slide and return a $30 million company to profitability within 9 months.

Financing is not a focus of Technology Sourcing’s practice, however, our team has raised both debt and equity financing for clients to support expansion of advanced technology growth businesses. 

Our work entailed intensive business assistance to prepare these clients to raise money as well as preparation of business plans and road show presentations to support the fundraising effort.



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