We Understand.

Technology is very exciting.†

In fact, thatís why we do what we do everyday.

But no business has succeeded based only on its technology.

Each day we see exciting new technologies.† Some at large corporations, some in new start-ups.†

Most never succeed in the market.† Why?† Many reasons.

 A large corporation may lack an enabling technology or the right distribution channel.† It may lack speed to market.

 A fast growing tech company may have an inexperienced management team that hasnít yet made enough mistakes to know how to be successful.† They may not understand the competition.† They may have little clue how to fight in a highly competitive market.

 A company with rule-changing technology may lack of appreciation for the power of existing brands and customer relationships.

 A start-up probably lacks manufacturing experience. Or thinks they need to manufacture their product themselves.† Or canít get real products out the door on time.

The list goes go.

At Technology Sourcing we are committed to solving these problems quickly and cost-effectively.† We have an experienced team.† A team that has worked in all functions within companies from start-ups to turnarounds to multinational corporations.


Text Box: We Provide the Decades of Hands-on Line Experience that Your Technology-based Business Needs to Succeed.
Our team has been there.
     Large corporations.
     Setting up manufacturing facilities.
     Developing new patented technology.
     Designing products.
     Creating new industries.
     FDA approval for difficult products.
     Implementing new product campaigns.
     Turning around failed R&D efforts.
     Finding critical technology 
          in  unexpected places.

Not just as consultants, but as
line managers.


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