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Technology Sourcing


Our team has extensive credentials developed in leading corporations, start-ups and




Technology Sourcing has delivered significant value to clients on several continents.

Developed more than 20 patents.

Sourced advanced technology from Europe, Japan, Australia, Israel and the United States.

Returned companies

to technical competitiveness by skipping a generation.

Cut time to market from 1 year to 3 months for a medical device company.

Created the Hospital Pharmacy Automation Business.

Our team has produced more than 20 patents in medical devices, remote patient monitoring, catalytic conversion of hazardous chemical waste to re-usable industrial chemicals, specialty pharmaceutical containers and medication dispensing.  These patents have been instrumental in creating a number of new businesses.

Our technical reach extends to six continents.  We provide both start-ups and multi-national corporations access to technologies from all parts of the globe as well as many industries in which they do not compete.  Our ability to transfer technology from other countries and industries has solved vexing technical problems and created new industries.

It’s often difficult to step back when your company is embroiled in heated technical competition.  We did just that by helping an implantable medical device manufacturer  see that they could not only catch-up but gain an advantage on their competitors by skipping the next generation and instead invest profits from the current generation into the one beyond.

Our R&D and product management experience spans several industries.  We have speeded clients’ product development efforts by implementing modular product design, changing development priorities, streamlining the development process and creating tightly managed project teams.

Technology Sourcing’s founder created the Hospital Pharmacy Automation business by marrying Sanyo’s vending machine expertise with Baxter Healthcare’s Pharmacy business.  The resulting business has generated over $500 million in revenue.


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