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Large Multinational Corporations



We deliver specialized service to our largest clients

· We find new, critical technologies that improve performance, reduce costs or deliver a competitive advantage often from unrelated industries

· We develop new profit opportunities for existing technology  - new products, new markets and licensing revenue

· We provide product design guidance including ergonomics and patient use design


High-growth Advanced Technology Companies


We deliver the business side of technology for these clients.

· Product development expertise—we help our clients get to market faster by bringing to bear resources they don’t consider and avoiding missteps they may not foresee.

· Manufacturing expertise—getting the technology to market faster and less expensively

· Regulatory expertise—delivering needed approvals, often where the regulatory path isn’t well worn

· Marketing and sales expertise for technically advanced products—we address the customers, sales, distribution and service issues that many technically focused companies address too late.

Technology-based Start-Ups



We provide the technical business expertise that large, aggressive corporations take for granted, but start-ups don’t have and can’t afford.


We also link our smaller clients with partners, technology and resources that they often don’t consider.  Doing so dramatically increases their chances of success.




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