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These companies are a cross section of  the organizations for which our professionals have created new profit opportunities, delivered value or provided expertise.

Trademarks are the  property of their respective companies.

Technology Sourcing provides medical device as well as product and market evaluation work for Panasonic.  Our work has included product design and human factors  design including development of second generation telemedicine products.

For Digital Angel we have provided technology and product planning as well as  guidance on FDA requirements for their products.

Steve Kaufman, Technology Sourcing’s  founder, has conducted workshops for FDA technical staff on future medical device technology and the skills and technical knowledge base the FDA will need to evaluate those technologies.

We have developed product extensions from P&G technology and know-how, creating new opportunities for existing capabilities within the corporation.

Our staff has done extensive work with Applied Digital on FDA approval of their products.  As part of our work, we received FDA agreement that an implanted product produced by Applied Digital was not a regulated medical device.






Developed a partnership between Sanyo and Baxter Healthcare in hospital pharmacy automation, creating a more than $500 million business.

Provided consulting and workshops on applying technology and product know how to new markets, on developing new products and on integrating new technology.

Technology Sourcing has provided long-term assistance to Focused Health in utilizing advanced telemedicine technology in their disease state management business.

Directed brainstorming for developing new product and market concepts for Roche.

Technology Sourcing serves a broad range of clients from small start-up technology companies to large multinational corporations on all continents except South America.


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