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Proven Business Experience to Turn Technology into Profits Quickly and Efficiently.



Regulatory strategy particularly for

FDA regulated products.

Determine how best and where to manufacture

your products.

Creativity. New product concepts. New ways of doing things.

Cutting edge competitive intell, including advanced MASINT data.

Interim Management

We help you navigate the FDA, its regulatory issues and approval procedures.  We augment your staff or let you postpone the expense of building one. Technology Sourcing’s team members have decades of regulatory and FDA experience with large corporations, as well as experience working for the FDA, consulting to the FDA and holding technology workshops for FDA staff.

We help with the critical make/buy decisions.  Then we help get it done quickly and with less expense.  Our team has managed manufacturing of medical devices, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, and pediatric products as well as managed the delivery of medical and business services.  We have orchestrated manufacturing joint ventures and arranged contract manufacturing for numerous clients.

Creativity, brainstorming, and new concept development are Technology Sourcing specialties.  We excel at developing new ideas and guiding your team in developing new ideas.  Our creativity work has resulting in numerous new products and ways of delivering services as well as receipt of the Creative Recognition Award from the Creative Thinking Association of America.

Organized gathering of competitive intelligence pays tremendous dividends.  We can set-up or enhance your existing efforts.  At times, sophisticated competitive intelligence gathering can be invaluable.  We provide a range of sophisticated services, including measures and signals intelligence.

Our professionals have extensive business management experience in start-ups, turnarounds and large corporations.  At times, we provide part-time  interim management for clients who need instant productivity while a permanent management team is built.  We can run specifics departments, a manufacturing plant or an entire business.


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