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We deliver a broad range of technology services:

¨ Sourcing technology, often from unexpected places

¨ Assistance integrating new technology into existing operations

¨ Turning existing technology into additional profits often through partnerships or licensing

¨ Developing new technologies

¨ Reorganizing R&D and product development to cut the time to market

¨ Product design, particularly in medical devices

¨ Implementing R&D and project management teams

¨ Brainstorming and creativity sessions

¨ Technology assessment prior to purchase or investment



We deliver business support to make technology profitable

¨ Providing manufacturing, marketing, product development and regulatory experience that small or fast growing technical companies need—guidance or focused project work

¨ Interim or part-time management in key functions while needed talent is recruited

¨ FDA filings or guidance

¨ Matchmaking—finding corporate partners that provide what small, growing companies need, but don’t have

¨ Strategic planning / Product planning / Marketing planning

¨ Developing competitive tactics for introducing new technology

¨ Competitor analysis, including a variety of sophisticated techniques


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