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Over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, technology development and business start-ups.  Mr. Kaufman holds 20 healthcare-related patents and has more than 50 manufacturing processes to his credit. He was the 1998 recipient of the Creative Achievement Award in Healthcare; past recipients include Steven Jobs and Mark Markkula of Apple Computer.

He is broadly regarded as the father of the hospital pharmacy automation business.  He developed the first pharmacy automation technology by forging a partnership between Baxter Healthcare and Sanyo.  Mr. Kaufman is also regarded as the father of the home telemedicine business through his pioneering work in patient tele-monitoring.  Mr. Kaufman has broad experience in factory automation. Industries include cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and ceramics. He was a founding member of the Australian Robotics Society.

Over 20 years of general management, marketing, technology, new product development and business start-up experience at Neovex, Baxter Healthcare, 3M and Allied-Signal.  Mr. Hughes has been President of Neovex Corporation, a pharmaceutical production technology company; President of Caire, Inc., a $35 million medical device manufacturer; and Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Baxter Healthcare.  He has started or built six new businesses, one of which is now over $300 million in sales.  He established the new business and products group at Allied-Signal and has managed marketing and sales in industrial, commercial, consumer and medical businesses.


Mr. Hughes has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Political Science from Colorado College.

30 years of experience in tele-health technology, video, communications technology and patient use of medical technology.  Mr. Skolnik has extensive experience in man-machine interfaces, adaptation of medical technology to patient needs and the harsh demands of remote monitoring.  He has set-up patient use programs, patient support and field service efforts.

Mr. Skolnik has provided design guidance on three generations of remote monitoring systems.  He holds an MA from Michigan State University and a BA from the University of Iowa.

20 years experience starting and building medical and other technology businesses.  Prior to founding BDA, Mr. Alexander was Vice President of Corporate Development at St. Jude Medical.  He led acquisition and diversification efforts which transformed St. Jude from a single product line $200 million dollar company into an $840 million multiple product line company in 3 years, which drove a 3.5 times market cap increase to $3.4 Billion.


He has also been Director of Business Development and Planning at Baxter Diagnostics, M&A at W.R. Grace & Co., G.E. Venture Capital and product development at Reynolds Metals.


Mr. Alexander has an MBA from the University of Virginia and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon U.

Over 35 years of experience in all forms of sterilization technology, medical regulatory affairs, quality assurance, and microbiology with Baxter International, American Hospital Supply, J&J, Hollister and the US FDA.  He has extensive experience in total quality management, advanced statistical process control, and process validation.   Mr. Nygard provides FDA and other regulatory consulting for several multinational corporations.  Mr. Nygard holds an MS in Microbiology from Northwestern University.


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