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We Bring Experience,

Perspectives and a Fresh Technical Look From Many  Industries.

Source a  critical technology when it’s needed.

Find the right

corporate partners.

Develop technology to boost your competitive position.

Help get your products out of the lab and onto the street faster.

Generate additional profit from existing technology.

Our extensive worldwide network allows us to find technology that you need.  We often draw it from unrelated industries.  For example: Using precise temperature sensors for baking raspberry pastries to ensure complete sterilization of intravenous solutions during continuous sterilization.

Our team members work with companies in the US, Europe, Japan, Australia, the Middle East, China and Africa.  Our contacts and connections provide you access to companies, distribution, technologies and know how from most parts of the world.  We can link you with a corporate partner that provides capabilities critical to your business success.

We augment your technical team, developing new technology or capability to enhance or extend your products. Our professionals have over 20 patents to their credit in technologies that range from remote patient monitoring to flexible IV solution containers to automated medication dispensing to recycling hazardous organic chemical waste. 

We bring proven methods from multiple industries to help you save time, cost and preserve your lead.   Our R&D management experience spans several industries.  We have speeded clients’ product development efforts by skipping a generation, implementing modular product design, changing development priorities, streamlining the development process and creating tightly managed project teams.

We help corporations large and small get additional value from existing technology by identifying new product or market opportunities for the technology.  We help them license that  technology to either competitive or non-competitive companies.


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